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Have You Lost It?


What happens when you are used to being “Number One”, the best sales person in your team and then all of a sudden you start missing your sales targets and not doing the business you once were?

What is happening?

Decreasing sales can come about for several reasons, and not necessarily solely because of you. Changes in the company, in the market place or your personal situation may all be contributory factors. Identify such changes and ask yourself if this might be the reason. This might help to pinpoint the cause but also look deeper and consider how motivated are you?


Motivation may not be the root cause of any problem, but it is probably a factor now. Loss of motivation can be masked by stubborn and sheer determination. Look for changes in timekeeping patterns and productivity levels and especially a reduction in creativity and thinking outside of the square. Do you grasp new concepts or contribute ideas like you used to or do you feel that you are simply going through the motions. Think about how you communicate with customers and colleagues, why are your customers spending less?

Your Pipeline

Why have your orders stopped or do not seem as large as they once were. It may be that you have simply taken your eye of the pipeline while concentrating on current orders and deliveries and not thought about future projects. Switch your focus to where potential business exists.

Are you growing?

Does your current position provide you with the opportunity to grow, develop and learn? If not then you are probably just bored or stagnating. Think about your career direction and what gives you satisfaction. Work with your manager to find new challenges that support your personal and professional development.


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