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How to make a successful career move

It’s the time of year when you might be thinking about moving on in your career. Find out how to make the move a successful one with advice from pharma recruitment experts. 

There are many reasons for wanting to move on, and when considering the next step in your career, it’s important to be very clear about what you want. Huw Nicholas, Executive Solutions Lead, CHASE, advises speaking to others, personally and professionally, to help you to decide: “Start by reflecting on how you’d like to move forward. Speak to those who you trust and who know you the best,” he suggests. “Sometimes we forget to stop to appreciate what we have. Spend time thinking about it – be honest with yourself. Also speak to someone who does recruitment for a living. You will find that talking this through with a variety of people will be a massive help, and it may even lead you to a place where you decide that you’re actually okay where you are.”

Danny Dorward, Recruitment Business Unit Manager – Medical Devices at Star, says that understanding your motivations for wanting to move on is key: “It’s usually dissatisfaction in your existing role that prompts these thoughts. Do you feel undervalued? Underpaid? Unhappy with company culture, or are you bored? Identifying the rationale for a move is the key ingredient to understanding what your next step looks like, and subsequently finding the perfect new job.”

If you’ve thoroughly thought about it and talked it through with those you trust, it’s time to do your research by calling in your contacts: “Once applying, do your due diligence. Do you know anyone at the company?” says Danny.

Working with the experts will maximise your chances of finding the perfect fit. “If you decide that pastures new are for you, speak with a trusted recruiter and work with them to craft a plan to find something new and fresh,” says Huw. “Whatever your situation, there will be something for you to seriously consider.”

Spend the time on getting your CV right

It’s the first thing that a hiring manager will see, and if it’s not as strong as it can be, it may be the only part of you they get to see! To ensure your CV shows the best of you, include:

• A personal profile tailored to the role you’re applying for

• Your recent achievements, which must be specific and measurable

• Your complete career history, including reasons for leaving previous employers.

Start the interview preparations now

Ensure your brag file is up-to-date, get your STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) answers
pre-prepared now, and add to that as you go.

Utilise your social network

Make sure your LinkedIn is active and fully up-to-date; a lot of agency and internal recruiters will use this as their first port of call for sourcing candidates, so utilise LinkedIn as a service and get yourself out there.

Work with a supportive recruitment agency

The search for the perfect role can be tedious and lengthy, so working with a knowledgeable, supportive and specialist recruiter within your sector is of huge benefit to make the process a little bit simpler.

“Identifying the rationale for a move is the key ingredient to understanding what your next step looks like”

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Amy Schofield
Amy Schofield
Amy is Special Editions Editor at Pharmafield. She is an experienced journalist and editor of both digital and print content across healthcare, technology and careers. 


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