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All things Pharma


Exclusive opinion and thought-leadership on news and topical trends in pharma and healthcare.


Hybrid sales: The power of combining human connection and digital channels

While technology is undeniably a valuable tool in today's rapidly evolving pharmaceutical landscape, it's equally essential to recognise the power of combining the strengths...

Q&A: Brand optimisation – Maximising pharma’s commercial impact

Intro: It’s not too late to close out 2023 with a bang. Pharma can capitalise on the remainder of the year and prep for...

Delivering equity in women’s health: How can pharma help turn this into a reality?

A year on from the publication of the first...

Why sustainable solutions must be at the heart of diabetes care

World Environment Day is a chance for each of...

MedTech trends for 2023: A new dawn for healthcare

The global pandemic put an unprecedented strain on the NHS at a time when it was already under immense pressure to combat chronic issues...
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What is connected health and which therapy areas are benefitting from it?

Extraordinary advances in digital technology are allowing us to reimagine health and social care models to help confront the primary challenge of our times...

Exploring spin-offs as a strategic option

"Perhaps buoyed by the many positive examples of pharma spin-offs over the years, companies are seeing the spin-off model as an important and potentially lucrative strategic option"

Is technology in vascular care the key to more responsive treatment?

In the midst of a once-in-a-generation public health crisis, our world-leading health service has been pushed to its very limits. Much has already been...

The Trust Equation: how to transform partnerships

Fiona Bride, Director of Market Access, Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK, examines how bold partnerships can...

The Brand Manager’s Digital Toolkit

Your customers’ expectations have changed; are you ready for your next face to face...

Pharma compliance in a digital world

Rina Newton examines the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) Code’s Principles...


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