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All things Pharma


Changes to legislation, NHS reforms and how pharma can support healthcare going forward.


The Trust Equation: how to transform partnerships

Fiona Bride, Director of Market Access, Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK, examines how bold partnerships can help the NHS overcome the challenges it faces. The past two...

Triumphs and tribulations: a forecast for 2022

As we move into an uncertain 2022, Wilmington Healthcare’s Oli Hudson picks out three underlying themes that are likely to influence the way industry...
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Personalised medication: Why dosage is so important

Rizvan Faruk Batha MPharm, PGDip GPP, IPresc, MRPharmS, Superintendent Pharmacist and Director of Operations at Specialist Pharmacy, examines the benefits of compounded and personalised...


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Adapting for success: Understanding commercial optimisation

"Commercial optimisation can be transformative for pharmaceutical companies’ bottom line"

NHS receives extra £5.4 billion to support COVID-19 response over next 6 months

The Prime Minister and Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid have announced that...

Patient management in a digital world

It is well established that the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digital evolution of the...

Patient pathways: Tracing a collaborative path to high quality care

"To meet the challenges of COVID-era healthcare, patient pathways – from diagnostics to treatment, monitoring to follow-up – have been transformed"


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