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A Field Day for Abbott at the Pharmaceutical Field Awards

The Pharmaceutical Field awards is the industry’s leading event in the UK for representative recognition, and is judged by an independent panel of highly respected pharmaceutical experts.

Once again, Abbott demonstrated their representative excellence at this year’s prestigious event by taking top honours. Not only did Abbott’s Christine Clapham win in the Best Career Representative category, she made it double honours by winning Best Overall Performer against stiff competition from a record 562 entrants. Fellow Abbott colleagues also excelled, with two of them making it into the top three for their category. Martin Leake for Best Regional Business Manager, and Sara Minter for Best NHS Specialist. In total, fourteen Abbott reps were successful in reaching the final – a success admired by many in the industry.
Such concentrated success is no random occurrence, however. As Christine remarked on receiving her prestigious award: “I am grateful to Abbott for giving me the support and training that has helped me to achieve this fantastic result.”
Nick Merryfield, General Manager, Health Sector Publishing Ltd, the awards organisers, complimented Christine on her achievement and explained why she had achieved the top spot: “Christine not only won in both the Best Career Representative category and Best Overall Performer, she excelled in every single judging category. She was ahead of the field and as such she thoroughly deserved her prize.”

The Secrets of Success

Abbott has always been highly regarded in the industry both for their total commitment to the development and training of their sales team, and as an overall employer. Commenting on Abbott’s success at the awards, Sales Director Ronan Moran gave some insight into why Abbott continues to achieve such excellence in the field and its popularity as an employer in attracting and retaining representative talent.
“Abbott’s aim is to create an environment for our representatives where they can feel they are in a career, rather than just a job. Training is a key priority for us, not just when somebody joins the company, but throughout their career – through field training, personal development programmes and regular training updates. We believe this approach helps ensure we maintain a highly professional team with the knowledge, understanding and skills to work in partnership with our customers throughout the NHS.”
Nick Merryfield, having seen the Abbott entries into the awards, recognised how this philosophy translates to a real commitment from their field force. He said: “The overall outstanding achievements of the Abbott field force at the awards shows their total commitment to their team as well as their company.”

The Company with a Personal Touch

Continuous training, manager support, teamwork, pride in their company – these are some of the leading reasons why Abbott representatives excel, and the company continues to attract top achievers. But Martin Leake put it more succinctly. “Credit must go to Abbott’s investment in people. People at all levels are highly valued at Abbott. Everyone has a growth plan and is encouraged to develop their careers and move upwards.”
Sara Minter was firmly in agreement. “At Abbott, career paths are very defined with clear expectations set. The emphasis is firmly on individual development in an atmosphere of mutual support.”
Despite being a career rep for nearly 27 years, the way Abbott constantly presented new challenges is what appealed to Christine Clapham. “There are always new developments. New challenges. You never stop learning.” Christine also highlighted Abbott’s open business culture and its willingness to listen to its employees as another reason for its success. “The company is very open to suggestions and new ideas especially in the area of marketing. There are lots of lines of communication and the company always addresses any problem sooner rather than later. This spirit of openness extends all the way up to senior management and Head Office.”
Martin Leake was quick to point out the supportive culture at Abbott. “Abbott is a great place to share and exchange ideas. I’m a Regional Manager and field coach and have learned a lot from reps I have coached. It’s a mutually supportive atmosphere.” Sales Director Ronan Moran summarised his team’s achievements and the secret of Abbott’s success at the awards: “We have always believed that Abbott has one of the most professional and able teams in the UK. I think the success of the Abbott team at these awards provides independent endorsement that this is indeed the case.”

“We have always believed that Abbott has one of the most professional and able teams in the UK. I think the success of the Abbott team at these awards provides independent endorsement that this is indeed the case.” Ronan Moran, Sales Director of Abbott

Since the Pharmaceutical Field awards in March, Abbott’s representative force has received further confirmation of their outstanding achievement from an equally important group – doctors. In the PharmaTimes Sales PRO survey (May 2006 issue) of top reps in the UK, Abbott was voted joint 5th in the secondary care category.
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