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Meeting demand… a win-win conclusion… the customer is always right… The imagery of sales and marketing constantly returns to one fundamental principle: success in business is about giving customers what they want (and need). The June issue of On Target is dedicated to three applications of that principle: giving patients what they want, giving NHS customers what they want – and finally, giving you what you want.

This issue sees the first of a major four-part series of articles examining the current revolution in the NHS and what it means for the healthcare industry. Our first article, ‘Reforming the NHS: A culture of choice’, takes a look at the realities of demand-side reform: the alignment of NHS services with the principle of patient choice. A more demand-led provision means a change in the way that healthcare services are commissioned – which, in turn, means that a new type of customer is at the top of your ‘must visit’ list: the NHS commissioner.

A further article, ‘Meeting local needs in renal care’, looks at an example of how the medical devices industry is working in partnership with the NHS to deliver services led by patient demand. In this case, the demand is for outpatient services for renal patients closer to their homes than the nearest hospital. The meeting of technological innovation and clinical expertise provides solutions that are shaped by patients’ need for access, comfort and dignity.

A feature of the new NHS is that procurement is taking place at a higher level and with more attention to long-term relationships. As well as price, other aspects of the company’s product offering – such as customer service and support – are entering the framework of negotiation. Alan McCarthy’s article ‘When the deal goes down’ offers a negotiation masterclass to help you get the best possible deals for your company in the new NHS environment.

A number of On Target readers have requested advice on tax matters – especially where company cars are involved. Deborah Parks Green’s article offers some vital tips on how your remuneration package can be structured to protect your salary from the taxman. Future articles will address other key professional and financial issues in the life of the healthcare salesperson.

Another new feature of this issue is the Events page, which reviews a recent event of major significance for the medtech industry and looks forward to similar events in the near future. In this case, we highlight the Department of Health’s recent Hi-Tech Healthcare Week, which has raised public awareness of some key medtech innovations that are improving the lives of patients in the UK.  And finally, to provide you with some much-needed entertainment in your brief intervals of leisure, we introduce the On Target Reviews page: a capsule guide to professional resources, books, music and whatever else your life needs. If you would like to review any work- or leisure-related items for On Target, get in touch!

Insight into new customers? A masterclass in effective negotiation? Advice on tax management? A guide to useful and entertaining resources? You got it.

And we’ll cook your breakfast afterwards.

Chris Ross

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