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Market access matters

Welcome to the September issue of On Target – a vital resource for sales and marketing professionals in the UK healthcare industry. As usual, we’re ever keen to keep up with the latest changes in the market and adapt our offering to meet your evolving needs. For example, did you know that cosmetic surgery is the fastest-growing market in healthcare? Well, to reflect that, On Target has this month undergone a facelift of its own. But this is more than just a change of image – we have further sharpened the focus of our coverage to address the common challenge that unites all of our readers: healthcare market access.

Getting a product used in the market is the perennial battle for all sales and marketing professionals in the healthcare industry. But how do you ensure your product successfully achieves market access? Markets change on a daily basis – they are dynamic and are influenced by events and decisions that may often be outside your control. But some things you can control. So ask yourself the following: how much do you actually understand your market? Can you define it? Do you know all of the key stakeholders that influence its evolution? Do you understand their objectives? Can you help your customers meet their goals? Are you in tune with the very latest policies that are driving the market? Does your product align with them? If you can’t answer ‘yes’ to all of the above, achieving true market access is going to be a problem. If you can answer ‘yes’, beware: your market today could be different tomorrow, and complacency could destroy you.

The ‘healthcare market’ is diverse and fragmented. In fact, the term itself is a broad umbrella for the wide range of specialist markets that sit beneath it. Equally, medical technology is used in a variety of settings – the NHS, the private sector and overseas markets, to name but three. Understanding what drives these markets and how, in turn, your product can help drive them is critical to your success. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but there are common guiding principles that can help inform your decisions.

And so this month, On Target begins its long journey to examine how the varied markets that make up the collective ‘healthcare’ are evolving. We begin by taking a look at the latest changes to hit the NHS, stimulated by the recent publication of Lord Darzi’s NHS Next Stage Review. What are the implications for your brand? Where are the opportunities? For the wider healthcare market, Darzi’s proposals could be great news for the industry – providing the Government delivers its promise to improve patient access to innovation.

In the coming months, we will look in detail at other developing markets, both at home and overseas. And as ever, we’ll be there to convey opinion and offer best-practice advice for how to improve the prospects for both your brand and your career. In a dynamic environment, healthcare market access matters, and it is a journey rather than a destination. We’re in it for the long haul. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride.

Chris Ross


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