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Feeding your customers’ healthy appetite

Need to know how to satisfy your customers’ appetite for knowledge, and get a foot in the door for your next appointment? Care & Cure may have the answer.

In an information-rich era, dominated by talk of Continued Medical Education and revalidation, medical professionals consistently demonstrate a healthy appetite for knowledge. Although gaining access to Physicians in the UK has become a great challenge as the health demands of a growing and ageing population intensifies, and the burden of NHS reform drives new priorities for healthcare practitioners, the need for high quality information on medical innovation remains high. In fact, in such a fast-moving and competitive market, where prescribing decisions at all levels suffer unparalleled scrutiny, sourcing credible and reliable clinical information is perhaps more important than ever.

 The information exchange between medical representatives and clinicians remains a vital cog in the machine of pharmaceutical communication. But how do you add value to that dialogue? And, crucially, is there a method through which interaction can be enhanced to compliment the commercial aims of the representative and satisfy clinicians’ appetite for information? The answer, of course, is yes. It may be a traditional approach in a modern era, but the old-fashioned newsletter could just be the answer.

Care & Cure Medical Publishing, which was launched back in 1975, has been producing single-sponsored newsletters for distribution to medical professionals all over the world for thirty years.These publications have commonly been delivered into the market by medical representatives, as invaluable leave-pieces.

Editorial content is chiefly licensed from Reuters Health and Medscape, WebMD for two of the most popular editions, namely, Reuters News and Ask The Experts. In addition, Care & Cure has built an archived literature database for its newsletters comprising of New In, Clinical Digest,The Experts’View, Conference Highlights and World Report.

Hester Wilken, Publisher of Specialist Medical Journals at Care & Cure, believes its tried-and-tested approach is of real benefit to medical representatives, particularly in an environment where accessing Physicians is becoming increasingly challenging.“Care & Cure newsletters are disease and/or specialty-specific.This helps us provide objective and valuable content which doctors appreciate.

Crucially, newsletters are published on a quarterly basis, providing sales professionals with the opportunity for another appointment with the doctor.”

Care & Cure in brief

Features of Care & Cure newsletters include:

1. Single sponsored – newsletters are concise and contain valuable information which medical professionals could read through in 10 minutes.
2. Editorial content – newsletters are objective, comprising highquality information designed to suit a particular audience, ie, Doctors and Pharmacists.
3. Frequency and Flexibility of distribution – Care & Cure offers 4 newsletters per annum and endeavors to match medical sales professionals’ sales cycles.
4.Tailor-made – newsletters may include brand/company logos and names on the front page or in the imprint. We offer customised newsletters that not only inform and update but also reflect the product logo and face of the pharmaceutical companies we represent.
5.The newsletters are a unique marketing tool, which not only helps to open doors for medical representatives but also helps to keep the doctor updated with important trends and happenings in his field.
6.We provide sufficient information for doctors to read in one sitting – with one page for sponsor advertisement.

Newsletters are kept deliberately short, providing concise yet valuable information in a digestible format for busy clinicians. Although content remains independent, provision is made for ‘keywords’, and healthy interaction between Product Managers and Care & Cure is encouraged to ensure appropriate commercial objectives are satisfied. Care & Cure’s 32-year experience of developing newsletters for healthcare practitioners has seen it develop significant expertise in this area.This is reflected both in the quality of its publications, and the response from its readers.

Underpinning this is a commitment to editorial excellence.“The editorial content of all our newsletters is of paramount importance,” says Hester Wilken.

“The editors of Care & Cure always ensure that information provided is of the highest possible standard and relevance.With over thirty years’ experience, they know what doctors find useful, what pharmaceutical companies find important and, critically, where to source the most up-to-date information. Most significant of all, they know how to pull this information together into a format that medical representatives’ customers find accessible and valuable.” 

For further information on Care & Cure, visit www.careandcure.cc or email: hester@careandcure.cc


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