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Growing sales force gives Roche top marks.

With growth three times faster than the world market, a unique portfolio of products and an enviable pipeline, it’s no wonder Swiss healthcare company Roche has been voted “Employer of Choice 2005-2006.”*
Two sales representatives tell Pharmaceutical Field what makes Roche a truly outstanding organisation to work for.

Yvonne de Schoolmeester joined Roche earlier this year as an Oncology Hospital Sales specialist.

“Roche appealed to me due to its exciting portfolio of products and because it is one of the most respected pharmaceutical companies in the world.

“For me, it’s the combination of work ethics and company culture that makes Roche an excellent employer.

“Initially, I didn’t have to spend a long time from home on a course, as my training began online. It was a steep learning curve, but I received a lot of support which helped me to develop my product knowledge and gain a broader understanding of the industry.

“Now, I enjoy having the responsibility to manage my own business while knowing support is only a phone call away. I have regular contact with my line manager, who supports my business and career development, and a product trainer who helps to develop my knowledge and core skills.

“Working at Roche, I benefit from the support of a large organisation while also being part of a smaller, close-knit team and working independently. I meet with my colleagues to share knowledge and best practice, and together we can identify and overcome any hurdles so I don’t feel isolated.

“This support also helps me to work to my optimal capacity. I am able to see the right people, the right amount of times, to communicate the right messages ensuring a positive outcome from every meeting.

“Roche has a culture of open communication. I have honest and comfortable relationships with my colleagues and managers and am encouraged to ask questions and challenge decisions.

“The benefits package is excellent too. In addition to sales related bonus targets, there is the opportunity to reap rewards for innovative ideas, which heightens my motivation.

“Although my work can be challenging, it is very rewarding and I know that I am ultimately making a difference to patients’ lives, as they are receiving the treatments they deserve.”

Steve Brown has been a part of Roche since last August as a Medical Representative.

“I’d heard great things about Roche and was aware of its fantastic reputation among the public, industry and my peers.

“I was immediately struck by the company ethos. From the outset I was able to be forward-thinking and was given the opportunity to develop myself.

“My first few weeks at Roche were immensely enjoyable. Whilst hectic, I felt the initial training and introduction to the company was carried out at a good pace. There was a lot to learn about the product portfolio and therapy areas, while meeting a range of new people. Roche gave me confidence and trust, which meant I was more relaxed to get on with the job in hand.

“My role at Roche is diverse, and I encounter a different challenge every day. I meet a great variety of people from all walks of life, and I enjoy interacting with them on many levels.

“One of the hardest tasks I face is to motivate change among healthcare professionals – trying to get them to break old habits. I enjoy challenging current practice, and I get a real sense of achievement when a meeting goes well.

“It is, however, the invaluable behind-the-scenes work of head-office staff that enable me to excel at my job.

“As a leading pharmaceutical company, Roche has a number of initiatives which help create sales opportunities. In addition to helping me initiate dialogue with healthcare professionals, these also enhance my relationships.

“Roche also provides ongoing support, from my personal development plan including a variety of training courses, through to help with project management, which enables me to maximise my time with customers.

“While Roche is a large organisation, it’s the little things that make me feel a valued member of the company. Even though the managers are busy, I’m always impressed that they know my name and are very aware of the work/life balance, appreciating that I do have a family.

“To succeed, you need to be passionate about the role and, I’m motivated with the knowledge that I’m improving the quality of life for patients. Having the backing of a company like Roche gives me the opportunity to do this and enables me to perform to my best ability.”

Could Roche be right for you?

You must enjoy a challenge, be enthusiastic, committed and strong-minded. Along with good sales techniques, you need excellent interpersonal and networking skills so that you can quickly build relationships.

Roche now offers a direct in-house recruitment service and is actively seeking experienced sales people.

See full details of all vacancies at http://careers.roche.com/uk  and apply directly for a role or register in our talent pool.

You can also call us direct on  01707 366496  01707 366496 .

(*most desirable employer to work for as voted by readers of Pharmaceutical Field Magazine.)
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