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Patient-focus inspires growth at Roche

“Quite simply what sets us apart is our focus on patients. They are central to our strategy, we never forget that our medicines reduce suffering and improve the quality of life for millions of people in the UK.

“This fundamental principle of patient-focus drives our vision, that every eligible patient in the UK is prescribed a Roche product,” said John.

Continuing he explained that it’s with this simplicity of vision that he and his colleagues have built a dynamic, exciting and progressive company at the fore-front of UK patient care.

“I know that with a growing team of talented professionals we can unlock further potential in the UK market and deliver even more to patients.

“So confident are we of continued success we’ve just completed a £75m investment in new offices to house our 800-strong team.

“This group, responsible for innovative marketing solutions; training & development; NHS liaison; medicial support and ongoing sales force services; are justifiably buoyant as its oncology portfolio alone is now greater than the entire company was just five years ago.”

John added that he sees the diversity among his workforce as a distinct advantage, appreciating that differences of culture, professional background and ethnicity can be brought together by core values and a common vision that defines the organisation’s character.

First among these values is teamwork because we know that by combining energies, skills and experience we can achieve more.

“But that doesn’t mean giving up individual autonomy, far from it, we encourage our employees to take ownership of their career development and actively look for people prepared to challenge the status quo and test out new ideas.

“This is evident in another of our core principles – a drive for change – essential as both personal and organisational change are integral to being part of such a dynamic company.

“It’s true we demand a lot from our people and our Performance Culture is very much in evidence. We reward people with competitive salary and benefits package and recognise outstanding performance with comprehensive aspirational and incentive schemes that encompass individual and team effort.”

Roche has already made a public commitment to transparency with stakeholders, physicians and patients and this carries through to the company’s values with open and honest communication inherent throughout the business and knowledge-sharing activities actively endorsed.

“Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we believe in a sense of urgency.

“Patients need life-saving and life-enhancing drugs now. That means each and every Roche employee must be prepared to tackle their role with a sense of urgency, particularly those in the field who play a vital role in conveying the qualities of our clinicallydifferentiated medicines amongst physicians and healthcare professionals,” said John.

Robust Pipeline
In addition to a vibrant culture, people are attracted to Roche for its exciting product portfolio and robust pipeline. Already a leader in the field of transplantation, cancer and viral diseases, such as HIV and Hepatitis C, the company is focused on healthcare solutions for the individual that target unmet medical needs.

Simon Harris, Head of Sales & Marketing for Hospital Products tells us more:

“Roche is, of course, well known for its oncology drugs with many of its treatments based on the molecular response profiles of tumours.

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