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Q: Competence of Company Representatives -Who Cares?

Q: Competence of Company Representatives -Who Cares?


Competence of Company Representatives –

Who Cares?


National Occupational Standards –


Developing and reviewing a comprehensive competence framework of occupational standards for the healthcare sector is currently being driven by ‘Agenda for Change’, the ‘NHS Lifelong Learning Strategy‘ , the ‘National Skills Framework’ (knowledge and skills framework), alongside the review and introduction of new occupational perioperative standards for all those working in the healthcare sector. The BTEC Professional Hospital/Theatre Access Award is the National recognised occupational perioperative standard which sets the competencies for the medical device industry.

Whether you work in the NHS or the Independent sector all personnel have a legal duty of care to patients. Ensuring patients receive competent care is managed under the umbrella of Risk Management, which is integral to the Clinical Governance agenda and the healthcare plans of the UK departments of health. Hospital staffs are not the only people present in clinical areas. Medical device companies and their representatives are routinely present in clinical areas educating staff on new techniques and supporting them in the use of their products. These “visitors” have the same obligations as hospital staff in terms of the requirement to comply with the National Competency Framework.

Companies and their representatives have the same obligations as the employed staff in terms of complying with the initiatives, guidelines and legislation regarding issues such as Confidentiality, Health and Safety at Work, Data Protection and Competence. Theatre Managers will need to ensure the compliance of these visitors and their competence to enter the operating department.

John Beesley
Lead Professional Officer NATN

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