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Exclusive insight into pharma marketing, brand planning and commercialisation.


Hybrid sales: The power of combining human connection and digital channels

While technology is undeniably a valuable tool in today's rapidly evolving pharmaceutical landscape, it's equally essential to recognise the power of combining the strengths...

The Brand Manager’s Digital Toolkit

Your customers’ expectations have changed; are you ready for...

Pharma compliance in a digital world

Rina Newton examines the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries...

What are the opportunities and challenges in the UK rare disease environment?

Following the the launch of England’s first Rare Diseases Action Plan, Craig Bradley explores the opportunities and challenges for pharma marketers in the UK...
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Making pharma marketing more meaningful

Joanna Stephenson, MD at PHD Marketing, explores how ‘green’ communications in pharma can be sincere but strategic. Across the diverse and exciting over-the-counter (OTC) pharma...


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Brand planning for pharma companies

As the Health and Care Bill begins its journey through parliament, how will structural changes to the NHS landscape influence brand planning within pharma...

A true omnichannel approach in pharma: Replicating retail

What can pharma learn from retail when it comes to delivering a true omnichannel...

How pharma can enhance its digital presence

With COVID-19 accelerating online migration this year, the pharma industry has had to embrace...

Creativity not commercialism is needed in healthcare 

Phil Blackmore discusses why creativity is more important than commercialism in healthcare marketing. In recent months...


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