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AI tool set to make drug discovery 100 times faster

bioXcelerate, a health data science division of Optima Partners Limited, have launched a new AI tool, which is set to accelerate the process for identifying and developing new drugs.

The tool, known as PleioGraph, can analyse complex medical data 100 times faster than existing state-of-the-art methods, used to detect biological networks which explain disease risk and inform drug discovery.

The technology uses bioXcelerate’s own machine learning algorithms to sweep huge amounts of biological data to help drug developers identify the genes, proteins and cells that interact with each other to cause disease, a process known as genetic colocalisation.

It provides quicker and more accurate insights about how diseases develop, helping to accelerate the drug development process.

Exceeding the performance of traditional methods, PleioGraph can provide significant cost savings and reduce the amount of time patients have to wait for improved treatments and medicines. Working with the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, PleioGraph has processed vast datasets between 75 and 100 time faster than industry leading methods, reducing time to insight down from months to hours.

Dr Chris Foley, Chief Scientist and Managing Director at bioXcelerate said: “The scale of data available is outpacing our ability to analyse it. While patterns explaining how diseases occur are hidden within our ever-increasing data-banks, AI technologies which quickly and accurately reveal these patterns are in short supply. At bioXcelerate, we are providing a solution to overcome these barriers. Combining our academic expertise with that of our unmatched breadth of health data science knowledge, our PleioGraph technology provides an exciting, industry-leading tool to supercharge early-phase drug discovery and ultimately, improve patient outcomes.”

Dr Heiko Runz, a scientific partner of Optima said: “Drug development costs are on the rise and coupled with a high failure rate, the development of new treatments has become drawn out and costly. By improving efficiencies in drug discovery, we hope to accelerate the emergence of novel medicines that positively impact patients’ lives and reach them more rapidly.”

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Joanna Harvey
Joanna Harvey
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