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European Medicines Agency launches new organisational structure

The European Medicines Agency has officially unveiled a package of changes to cope with its increasing responsibilities, including the launch of a new organisational structure and a new visual identity.

Among the highlights of the new organisational structure is the integration of human pre- and post-authorisation activities into one unit, to achieve the seamless life-cycle management of medicines.

A new unit for patient health protection has been created, which is intended to further strengthen the Agency’s focus on safety-monitoring of medicines. In addition, it is hoped that the formation of a dedicated group for the management of product data and documentation will improve the Agency’s efficiency in this area.

This is the second major re-organisation of the Agency’s services since its creation in 1995, and is due to an overall increase in its responsibilities.

The number of medicines the Agency is overseeing has increased recently, as has the complexity of procedures. This has been underpinned by the creation of additional scientific committees and advisory groups, which bring with them the need for enhanced co-ordination and support.

Legislative proposals currently being considered by the European Parliament and Council are expected to bring further responsibilities to the Agency.

The Agency’s Executive Director, Thomas Lönngren, said: “This package of changes aims at preparing the Agency for the future. The new structure reinforces our operational ability to deliver on our increasingly complex tasks, and our new visual identity will help to improve the quality and consistency of our communications with our partners and the public.”

It is hoped that the new visual identity will help to promote public recognition of the Agency and its contribution to public and animal health.

A new public website for the Agency is nearing the end of development and will be launched in the coming months. The new site is being designed with the needs of the public in mind, offering improved navigation and search functionality to provide better access to information on public health issues.

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