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InSilico Trials and Galileo Research partner to reduce time and cost of drug development

InSilicoTrials and Galileo Research have partnered to apply in silico services for drug repurposing activities and provide mutual support in modeling and simulation activities.

The partnership will combine the know-how and services of both companies, to exploit their strengths by using Galileo Research’s experience, knowledge, and skills required to take drugs, medical devices, food supplements, and cosmetics on the market; and InSilicoTrials’ broad expertise in Computational Modeling and Simulation, IT and cloud solutions for the life sciences sector.

The first step of the collaboration expects to reposition existing molecules in new therapeutic areas and indications (drug repurposing), with InSilicoTrials’ solutions available on its cloud-based platform. Galileo Research will use the results gathered to develop proof of concept studies and in vitro testing, according to regulatory and scientific requirements.

Luca Emili, CEO & Founder of InSilicoTrials commented: “In silico methods have been deeply changing the healthcare industry in the last few years. The aim of this partnership with Galileo Research is to leverage modeling and simulation to innovate R&D. Our simulation platform can process a huge number of compounds in minutes instead of months, significantly reducing costs while increasing the knowledge on the safety of medicinal products, according to the guidelines of the regulatory bodies.”

Alberto Bresci, CEO of Galileo Research said: “We are extremely proud to announce this new partnership with InSilicoTrials. This collaboration offers an incredible opportunity for both partners. In silico approaches are expected to grow in the upcoming years, becoming highly recommended in terms of regulations, but they still need experimental supporting data. We believe this partnership can help R&D to maximize results by reducing costs, times, and attrition rates.”

Silvia Trasciatti, CSO of Galileo Research said: “This is a great opportunity for both of us. Galileo Research has always tried to minimize animal testing. Thanks to in silico methods provided by InSilicoTrials, we can continue to focus on the development of alternative procedures, and implement new strategies to assess safety and efficacy of drugs not only by the traditional experimental animal studies, but preferably through target-specific and mechanism-based biological investigations in vitro, also speeding up R&D.”

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Emma Cooper
Emma is Digital Editor at Pf.


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