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NTAC launches roadmap for medtech adoption


The NHS Technology Adoption Centre (NTAC) has launched a new online system to help NHS and private health providers adopt proven medical technologies more quickly and effectively.

The new Generic Adoption Process (GAP) provides a detailed roadmap of the adoption process and access to the tools and resources needed.

GAP builds on the experience of NTAC’s Technology Implementation Projects over the past four years in improving the diffusion of proven medical technologies across the NHS.

Users of the GAP website are encouraged to navigate through each of its sections in order, thereby building relevant knowledge – however, they are free to navigate between sections as they wish.

The site is designed for use by health providers at all stages of the technology implementation process.

Sally Chisholm, CEO of NTAC, commented: “GAP has been tested by a number of key stakeholders from the NHS and industry. We believe this is a vital tool which will help drive widespread adoption of proven technologies, as GAP can provide unrivalled knowledge and information to those who do not choose to directly engage with NTAC on an implementation project, for example.

“The idea for GAP came from our recognition that there is a clear need for something which can equip clinicians, managers and other key stakeholders crucial to service development with the tools and resources they need to be able to drive change and innovation throughout the NHS.”

NTAC takes the view that the NHS often fails to adopt innovative medical technologies whose clinical and economic value is proven due to a lack of well-resourced and coordinated adoption pathways.

GAP is available at http://www.ntac.nhs.uk/GAP/GAP_Home.aspx

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