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Synthetic bone graft launched in EU

Welsh orthobiologics company Orthos Ltd has launched its proprietary ßGel synthetic bone graft substitute in Europe, following CE Mark approval.

The new ßGel product is approved for use as a bone filler in the spine, pelvis and extremities to assist bone repair and regeneration in the treatment of fractures and bone diseases.

ßGel is an injectable and mouldable synthetic putty with handling characteristics more typical of bone than other synthetic materials, enabling it to respond naturally within the body.

“Synthetic bone substitutes have become a valuable piece of the surgeon’s tool-kit in recent years,” said Professor Christina Doyle, Non-Executive Director and Consultant for Orthos Ltd. “The worldwide market is already said to be greater than three billion pounds and is growing; the main use being in spinal procedures and the surgical revision of hip and knee joints.

“This innovative injectable bone grout marks a new generation of products which are easier to implant, completely fill gaps and fissures in bone effectively and then safely allows the body to repair the bone naturally.”

The new product complements the company’s other approved products, ßGran synthetic bone substitute granules and the OsteoBoost bone marrow aspiration kit.

Orthos Ltd works with clinicians and academics to develop solutions for the surgical repair of skeletal defects and the regeneration of bone. Based in Cwmbran, the company has been backed by equity investor Finance Wales.

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