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All things Pharma


Exclusive opinion and thought-leadership on news and topical trends in pharma and healthcare.


Is technology in vascular care the key to more responsive treatment?

In the midst of a once-in-a-generation public health crisis, our world-leading health service has been pushed to its very limits. Much has already been...

The Trust Equation: how to transform partnerships

Fiona Bride, Director of Market Access, Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK, examines how bold partnerships can help the NHS overcome the challenges it faces. The past two...

The Brand Manager’s Digital Toolkit

Your customers’ expectations have changed; are you ready for...

Pharma compliance in a digital world

Rina Newton examines the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries...

What are the opportunities and challenges in the UK rare disease environment?

Following the the launch of England’s first Rare Diseases Action Plan, Craig Bradley explores the opportunities and challenges for pharma marketers in the UK...
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Sustainability in pharma and life sciences

How can you turn a buzz word into a business-critical principal? Per Rehné explores the benefits of changing your mindset when it comes to...

Exploring spin-offs as a strategic option

"Perhaps buoyed by the many positive examples of pharma spin-offs over the years, companies are seeing the spin-off model as an important and potentially lucrative strategic option"

From policy to practice: get ahead of the curve in 2022

As the curtain drops on another remarkable 12 months, what are the four critical challenges that industry needs to prepare for in 2022? 1. New...

Urgently upskilling your team demands a strong strategic partner

The pandemic has undeniably transformed the way pharma sales representatives engage with healthcare professionals...

Personalised medication: Why dosage is so important

Rizvan Faruk Batha MPharm, PGDip GPP, IPresc, MRPharmS, Superintendent Pharmacist and Director of Operations...

China: making the most of global pharma opportunities

Pharmaceutical organisations in China are increasingly looking overseas due to changes to the country’s...


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