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A winning formula


In the pharmaceutical industry one of the biggest challenges is to manage large events which require certain levels of privacy, whilst also ensuring they are hosted in professional and accessible venues. Simon Hunter shares his knowledge on how to make the most of your venue and event.

A high profile venue is a prominent, well known, iconic space which has a range of facilities to offer, and a reputation for hosting annual industry exhibitions or summits for international brands.

Discretion and privacy are key attributes of hosting events at high profile venues. If there are well-known guests present or sensitive intellectual property being shared – a new scientific discovery or drug, for example, then this kind of venue is ideal.


Experience pays

Other advantages of high profile venues include a proven track record in hosting different sizes of events in-house. For example, Chelsea Football Club manages fixtures attracting 42,000 guests who need to be managed onsite and this translates to the events team and experienced in-house security. The higher profile the venue or the bigger the event brand, the more strategies will already be in place which can help.

With regards to security, trust the staff and the in-house teams; they will have the benefit of experience organising private events, managing arrangements for high profile guests, and advising on the best way to utilise facilities. A good venue will take you through all stages of the event and should ask in advance of any special requirements, schedules or VIP attendees.

Ensure that all channels of communication are left open during the event itself so that staff  know of any last minute alterations. This will also guarantee that event organisers look professional, with the additional help of the venue’s catering, service and after-care.


Deciding outcomes

Knowing your audience and the objectives you want to achieve from any event will be a great help in selecting a venue. It is therefore vital to outline these clearly before approaching any venues for suggested briefs. Following this, there are some useful points to bear in mind which will make selecting a suitable venue easier.

Consider the components of your event to make sure you select somewhere that can accommodate them all. For example, consider whether the event will be an annual conference with a gala dinner and accommodation; whether you need separate facilities for VIP guests; and the possibility of needing to bring in equipment for demonstrations or exhibitions.

Venues which offer numerous events spaces, like a music venue, accommodation, restaurants and an exclusive spa can be ideal for organisers wishing to combine many activities within one event. It will also reduce the need for a separate transport budget to transfer guests from between conferences and seminars, for example.

Every event organiser should be constantly focussed on how to get maximum results for minimum cost. Look for a venue that whilst impressive, offers a range of packages and choose the one that suits your audience and your budget.


 Simon Hunter is the Head of Venue at Chelsea Football Club.

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