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Creating the right impression, part 6

Sarah Setterfield explains why getting other people’s opinions helps you grow.

This month I thought I would look at the benefit of asking what others think of you and the help that may give you in your personal development. Remember perception is reality, so what you think of your impact is secondary to the impression you give to others.

There are also some tips on confidence and charisma – I believe these are two of the magical qualities which make a person stand out from the crowd.

Feedback is critical to personal development

Some of the most important growth areas for our personal development are not easily visible to us. We look at ourselves through our own set of filters and beliefs which gives us blind spots where it matters most that we can see.
Others see us differently, so ask a trusted friend for honest feedback on what you do well and what could be improved. You will be pleasantly surprised at how well they think of you, and you will always uncover at least one area for growth you couldn’t see for yourself. What you do with this priceless information is up to you!

Confidence is such a good friend to have

Confidence comes from the inside and is reflected on the outside. There are physical signs of confidence like good posture, good eye contact and easy breathing. There are also psychological ones that come from a positive inner dialogue and the knowledge that you are informed and prepared.

Confidence is projected through a vocabulary that uses positive language and doesn’t under-sell yourself and your capabilities. Others like to be associated with positive and confident people, so this quality makes you a people magnet.

Consistency, consistency, consistency

A professional appearance cannot be put on and taken off like a pair of shoes. Your personal brand has to be consistent to be effective. Your image matters on a daily basis, not just to you but to everyone you meet. The way you look is going to affect how others respond to you, your needs and your requests.

A good impression will work for you well into the future even if it is not needed at the time – it is never wasted. Always dress and behave appropriately to convey your brand message.

Magic Colours

We use our eyes as a powerful form of non-verbal communication. The most flattering colours are the ones that, when worn near your face reflect a healthy and alert perception.

One way of looking for a flattering colour is to wear one which is complementary to your eye colour. Men can experiment with a new tie or colours within a patterned shirt and for women maybe a neck-scarf, jacket or top. Like magic, they will help people keep their focus on you and what you are saying.

Eye Colour                              Flattered by

Blue                                          Peach, apricot

Blue-grey                                 Rose

Blue-green                              Rust

Green                                       Red

Hazel                                        Violet

Light brown                             Turquoise, soft navy

Deep brown                            Pine green, aubergine

Greeny-grey                            Burgundy


Sarah Setterfield is the creator and owner of Impact For Success and one of the most experienced consultants in Personal Marketing in the UK today.

Contact the author

Tel:  01908 375371

Web: www.impact4success.com

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