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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

By Di Spencer, Pf Web Editor

National Stress Awareness Day (3 November) may have passed us by, but for many, the approach to Christmas (and it does seem to start earlier every year!) can be a very stressful time.

There are many things that can cause angst in December, such as meeting last minute work targets for the year, finding your key customers are too busy to see you due to the annual winter flu epidemic or having to elbow your way through over-zealous Christmas shoppers to discover that the item you wanted has sold out. Whatever the cause, we can feel more “Bah humbug” than “Peace to all men”, and more like decking relatives than halls, by the time the big day arrives.

But perhaps for some a little festive stress can almost be enjoyable, like worrying that maybe four types of potatoes is too many, or that your partner may have spent more on you than you did on them. These are worries that can be washed away with a glass of sherry. However, the Christmas break may seem rather too short if you are experiencing an excessive level of stress at work, and this is something that should be discussed with your manager – though ideally not the morning after the work party when no one is at their best!

In her recent Pf article, Dr R K Powar suggests that stress can be turned to our advantage and that simple techniques can help to manage stress before it becomes more than you can deal with. Read more here.

Stress is a part of everyday life, but it’s important to recognise when it has gotten out of hand. And if you’re starting to feel stressed about the approaching festivities, buy gift vouchers for all your nearest and dearest and treat yourself to Christmas lunch in a restaurant – it’s supposed to be a holiday after all! 


Contact the author: diana.spencer@healthpublishing.co.uk

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