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All things Pharma

Not just a wedding, more a busman’s holiday!

 By Industry Insider

There’s a big wedding coming up this year and I’ve already received my invite! It’s going to be a lavish affair for the many guests attending and I can’t wait! No, not Kate and William’s nuptials, but one of my favourite GPs, whose eldest child ( a medic of course) is tying the knot and I’ll be off next year to the sub-continent for a week of fun, frivolity, spiritual enlightenment and maybe a bit of Bollywood glamour thrown in too…(here’s hoping!) I’m expecting this one to trump the Windsor-Middleton union in importance, honestly.

Anglo-Indian weddings are a bit like Champions League group matches – i.e. involve a home and away leg. To receive an invite for the latter is quite and honour and I’m told by those in the know that Indian weddings are prolonged affairs but also quite an experience to boot, and the more modest weddings still have several hundred people attending. I’m also aware that a large quota of my customers are making the trip to India for the celebrations with both primary and secondary care being strongly represented, so once I enter the fray on Day One, I imagine it’ll feel a bit like a busman’s holiday and like any good drug rep, I’ll always be on duty and never off-message!

I’ve got plenty of time to plan my trip and brush up on my Hindi and doubtless I will report back to after the event with a full post-mortem. You never know, it may get the full Hello magazine treatment.

My only concern is whether I’ll manage to get my exhibition stand on the plane.

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