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All things Pharma

The Editor’s blog, part 3

By Chris Ross, Pf Editor

The noughties may be drawing to a close, but for the pharmaceutical industry, an issue that has plagued it throughout the decade remains one of its biggest challenges. Securing trust is one of pharma’s major objectives.

In 2011, the ABPI Code will include new measures to increase transparency and improve trust. Next April, new anti-bribery legislation comes into force that makes ‘failing to prevent bribery’ a criminal offence, punishable by up to 10 years’ imprisonment. In the same month that FIFA faced allegations of bribery, European pharma companies were subjected to antitrust raids. Elsewhere, a major investigation into corruption in the pharma industry is well underway. It’s an inglorious end to the decade for pharma: noughties by name, naughty by nature.

Winning trust is a collective responsibility. But the aspirations of the majority can so easily be ruined by the recklessness of the few. Sales professionals have a major role to play in helping the sector improve its reputation. Chris Brinsmead, recently appointed as a government adviser for Life Sciences, once said: “Trust underpins everything. If you have a deeper understanding of customers’ agendas, you can build greater trust. The way to do it is to be transparent and to ensure we keep the patient at the heart of everything we do.”

If you have one resolution for 2011, make it that one.

Contact the author: chris.ross@healthpublishing.co.uk

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