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To blog or not to blog, that is the question…


 By Industry Insider

The world has gone crazy about social networking on the internet and anything goes! What’s your personal favourite, Facebook, LinkedIn, or maybe Twitter? Or none of the above if you are, like me, until recently anyway, someone who had seen this phenomenon as just a passing fad. But wait a minute, aren’t many of these sites simply a vehicle for telling your friends, acquaintances or anyone else who cares to listen or log on, what you are doing, with whom, or what you are thinking about currently? What’s really wrong with that…nothing at all! It’s all about the here and now!

So it’s time to join the online community and embrace the zeitgeist! If you are reading this blog then, like me, you are part of the pharmaceutical community, care about our industry and are hopefully passionate about it. You can now follow Pf via Twitter and can read this blog via Pf’s newly launched website! One of my favourite quotes is “acts are sacred, opinions are free” and this encapsulates what this blog is about. I’m someone like you, who earns a good living from the UK pharmaceutical industry, selling drugs to doctors and nurses. I’ve experienced the good times and the bad and seen changes for better and worse, but one thing has remained constant. I have always been passionate about our industry and hope you are too. I will endeavour to blog on issues both meaty and mundane, using brevity and levity, but essentially write on topics which are relevant to us in our day to day jobs and hope they will generate some online dialogue. These musings are my observations and my opinions. Feel free to express yours and please, if you want to, disagree…and I really hope you do!!

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