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Prescribing in a time of COVID: A State of the Nation review

As we look back on an unprecedented period in NHS history, what sort of impression did the pandemic leave on prescribing patterns? Wilmington Healthcare’s...

Change makers: Why industry should care about clinical networks

Clinical networks are becoming an increasingly powerful force within the new NHS landscape. Oli Hudson explains what they are, why they matter and how...

Employer branding – A candidate perspective

Following his recent article focused on employer branding from...

Interconnecting data and digital technologies for patient benefit

Lucy George, Head of Digital and Business Excellence, Novartis...
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What does commercial recruitment in pharma and Medtech look like now?

"It’s important to recognise that recruitment processes have evolved and are unlikely to completely return to how they were conducted pre-COVID"

Adapting for success: Understanding commercial optimisation

"Commercial optimisation can be transformative for pharmaceutical companies’ bottom line"

Adding value with multi-channel interaction for customer experience

With multi-channel now established as a key consideration for life science companies, Richard Baderin,...

Are technological solutions here to stay for the NHS?

Will the rapid growth in use of technological solutions within the NHS persist beyond...

Revaluating the international distribution strategy of medical devices

The last year has been a difficult time for the medical sector, facing unprecedented...


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