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Integrated commercial deployment in life sciences and other 2020 health trends

Syneos Health explore integrated commercial deployment in life sciences and discuss their new report covering 2020 health trends.

Life science leaders aren’t launching with siloed field teams; they’re integrating through new models.

Healthcare complexity is changing the future of field teams and reshaping the very nature of those teams.

It’s not too much to say that practices and physicians need our support more than they ever have – support to sort through the complexities of both coverage and systems, support to create great experiences for patients and their care networks, support to advocate for them with critical stakeholders in healthcare systems and payer organisations.

Those customers need new support from the field force too. Their organisations are changing rapidly to adopt different metrics, work in unfamiliar ways, and onboard or upskill entirely new data-driven decision-makers. In those systems, field partners play critical roles in medical education, system connectivity, and fuelling a feedback loop from their customer base.

To best support them, our industry is quickly moving away from the traditional healthcare promotional model that relied heavily on repeated knocks on doors and geographic specificity. Today, they’re combining nimble, cross-functional field teams with omnichannel support. In 2020, we’ll see new thinking about how to leverage the right data to swiftly make those tailored-mix decisions.

For the field force, that means a new lineup. One that can work seamlessly together across geographies and specialties while expertly leveraging technology to deliver a great customer experience whether they happen to be sitting across the desk from a healthcare professional or across the country.

Tearing Down Silos is one of fifteen trends outlined in the Syneos Health 2020 Health Trends which outlines critical shifts that are changing how life sciences leaders will develop and commercialise novel new therapies and innovations in the year ahead. The report suggests tangible ways for responding to these powerful dynamics so that, working together, we can stay the course toward realising innovation’s full potential. Download the eBook to read all fifteen trends and gain access to worksheets that provide clear takeaways and edifying interactive experiences at trends.health.

Health Trends 2020 represents the knowledge and experience of hundreds of leaders and experts who work on the front lines of healthcare as well as original research with industry, patients, payers and providers. Through research, interviews and workshops, we’re able to triangulate a future-facing look at the challenges and opportunities ahead.

To download the Syneos Health report go to trends.health

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