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Meet Anna Maxwell: The superstar of switching

Watch Pf Media videos on demand. Anna Maxwell is CEO of Maxwellia, a company which is poised to transform the UK’s self-care market by giving people easier and faster access to the treatments they need by converting prescription-only medicines to versions that can be bought in a pharmacy. Here, Anna shares her career journey so far and why she is so passionate about providing people with new and better ways to look after themselves.

“I believe that a third of the OTC market is actually missing, because pharmacists are honed down into traditional categories.”

What’s covered?

  • Anna’s career path.
  • Why lockdown accelerated Anna’s plans to bring the contraceptive pill to UK pharmacies.
  • The benefits of widening access to medicines.
  • Anna’s vision for the OTC market in the future.

Anna Maxwell is a registered pharmacist, self-care visionary, top mover and shaker in Bio Business (2019) and the CEO of expert medicines switch start-up, Maxwellia. Anna is on a mission to widen people’s access to medicines, improve public health and make a difference to people’s lives.

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Emma Cooper
Emma Cooper
Emma is Content Manager at Pf Media.


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